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Our Story

What does binary means?

Binary is anything that can be split into two categories or comprising two components. Everything is either one or the other.

In astronomy, binary refers to a pair of stars that appears to be a single star to the unaided eye. Also known as the binary star, the two stars orbit in the same system that are extremely close to each other.

In technology, computers store and use data in binary code, based on the symbols – 0 and 1. Computers use binary as it is a simple and efficient design.

Binary is a gastro-bar that offers a binary culinary approach featuring two distinct flavours of Asian and Western. Food and drinks come together to form a binary star at the gastro-bar.

Another aspect of Binary, the symbols 0 and 1, can be found in its unit number #01-01A. Binary revolves around the enjoyment of life’s simple pleasures with its food and drinks, interiors and ambience.



Binary is located a Palais Renaissance in the premium shopping district of Orchard Road. Palais Renaissance is a 13-storey office block coupled with 4 storeys of retail space.

The mall offers a comfortable respite amidst the hustle and bustle of the city with exclusive boutiques and luxury lifestyle options.

Located at the street level, Binary is a 45-seater gastro-bar with an alfresco terrace overlooking Orchard Road.

The Space

Designed to be edgy and chic, the overall setting is intimate and encourages conversations over snacks and drinks

The dark tinted glass entrance is framed by a sleek copper archway. The curved element continues with a prominent arched ceiling wrapped in blonde wood from the top and down to the banquette seats.

The seating arrangements cater to different occasions to encourage communication and dialogue – from catching up with friends to meeting new acquaintances.

Brown leather banquette seats are set flush along the walls, exuding cosy and inviting vibes, while glossy green marble tabletops complement the warm, earthy hues of the entire space.

A private dining enclave accomodates up to 6 persons. Copper mesh curtains are used to separate the enclave from the main dining room.

Our food & drinks

The Menu

The menu represents the concept of Binary. – A distinct duo: guests are offered two different preparation style of the same produce.

It showcases familiar flavours through a curated selection of well-known favourites from both Asian and Western cuisines.

  • Throughout the menu, guests can have the option to choose from two culinary approaches or enjoy both styles on the same plate.
  • Sharing plates feature classic recipes from the Asian and Western kitchens (e.g. Chinese, Malay, European, Middle Eastern and American).
  • The dishes are created for 2 or more to share.


Over 60 wine labels with attractive retain pricing are displayed on shelves next to the entrance. Guests can purchase the wines for takeaway or enjoy it at Binary with a dine-in supplement of $30. The beverage programme includes sake, cocktails and craft beers, such as exclusive caramel beer from Rye & Pint, a local brewery. Customised blends of Asian and Western Teas from Gifel Tea are also exclusively available at Binary.